Nikola WAV Electric PWC

Nikola Motors is best known for its innovative electric platforms, which provide insightful solutions for companies focused on creating a minimal footprint when it comes to industrial transport. To utilize their technology elsewhere, the company has recently unveiled two new products aimed at the personalized vehicle space — and one of them promises to make your upcoming trip to the lake a little more interesting.

The newly introduced WAV is an innovative, all-electric personalized watercraft (PWC) that’s been built in the vein of the modern superbike. It maintains a close kinship with its distant two-wheeled cousin, opting for a sleek, angular architecture, and sport-oriented performance figures. To power the craft, Nikola has implemented a new adaptable battery architecture that was built from the ground up for the platform, as well as a waterproof 12-inch display that sports 4K resolution and quality-of-life attributes like cruise control. Pricing has not been revealed for the WAV, but the company is currently taking reservations for an impending 2020 release.

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