Nikola Enters The EV Pickup Fight With The 906HP, 600-Mile Range ‘Badger’

Over the last year, the electric pickup sector has absolutely exploded, with high-profile, high-performance offerings coming from the likes of Tesla, Bollinger, Hummer, Lordstown Motors, Neuron, and Rivian, just to name a few. And the latest proton-powered pickup truck to be introduced to the market is the Nikola Badger.

Like the aforementioned competitors’ EV pickups, the Badger boasts an unmistakably futuristic design that’s backed by some more-than-impressive performance specs, with the Badger putting down a claimed 906 (peak) horsepower (455hp continuous), 980ft-lbs of torque, a 2.9 second 06-60mph time, a four-ton towing capacity, and a battery that affords a 600-mile range, while also providing a 15kW outlet for powering tools and other equipment and gear. Said to be damn-near as tough as the critter it’s named after, the IWD-equipped Badger can supposedly operate at full-steam in conditions as low as -20 degrees F. Distinguishing the Badger from the rest of the recently-unveiled electrified pickups is its 8kg hydrogen fuel cell/ 160kWh Lithium-ion powertrain. Nikola says it plans on offering the Badger in traditional EV and hydrogen cell versions. Aiming for a 20201 release, the company also says it aims to produce the Badger with an existing, establish OEM.

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