NIKECRAFT Unveils Their Waterproof Dyneema Exploding Poncho

Under the NIKECRAFT moniker, Tom Sachs and Nike have spent years designing, crafting, and producing unique NASA-inspired gear that pushes the boundaries of fashion and product design. Their latest unveiling, as a part of the same line as their Mars Yard Overshoe, is an altogether singular take on rainproof outerwear they’re calling the Exploding Poncho.

In its collapsed form, the Exploding Poncho looks an awful lot like a fanny pack straight out of the ’90s — but it’s got some up-to-date tech built in, like a Fidlock buckle that’s secure and easy to use, and a pair of nylon ripcords. When you pull those ripcords, however, the fanny pack “explodes” like a parachute to unveil a full-size Dyneema poncho that can be worn quickly and seamlessly — without even having to remove the waistbelt. Completely waterproof, carefully constructed in Vietnam, and unlike anything we’ve ever seen, the Exploding Poncho will be available for purchase sometime after its Japanese release on April 27th. Pricing has yet to be unveiled.

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