Nike’s ISPA Joyride Envelope Is An Adaptive Ripstop Urban Sneaker

The market for adaptable, urbanized footwear has been booming as of late, and the visionary minds at Nike have certainly taken note. Aside from its identity as one of the medium’s most prolific supporters, the company has made it a point to push the street-savvy sneaker world into an entirely new direction, thanks to its innovative designs, fabrics, and textile enhancements. Now, the monolithic brand has revealed the futuristic ISPA Joyride Envelope, a city-faring, utilitarian solution slated to launch alongside HAVEN’s Toronto-based pop-up.

The ISPA Joyride Envelope blurs the lines between tactical styling and modern trends, offering a bespoke silhouette that’s uncharacteristic of anything the industry has seen before. Its ankle-high stature and unique visual presence are amplified by a ripstop-lined upper, Velcro-assisted nylon strap, and a midsole outfitted with the company’s latest Joyride beaded pockets for additional support. But it’s the shoe’s enveloping addition that steals the show here, allowing wearers to swap between two different layouts, depending on the strap’s orientation. The first, a breathable, hole-filled variant that calls upon laser-cut perforations to enhance airflow. And the other, a sleek, water-resistant iteration that calls upon the shoe’s ripstop upper to battle the elements. Head to HAVEN’s website to read up on the shoe, as well as its counterpart, the ISPA Air Max 720.

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