Nike SB Free

We can’t say that we didn’t see this coming. In fact we’d be downright lying if we said we didn’t. What we are wondering though, is why did it take the Swoosh so long to create the Nike SB Free?

That’s right, the ultra comfortable Nike Free technology has now been infused into the brand’s SB sneaker lineup. So why did it take the them so long? Nike explained that the challenge came from unlocking the benefits of incredible flexibility while still providing skaters the durability and protection they need to hit the streets on a daily basis. The low top model is sporting a suede constructed upper designed to fit like a glove while still providing plenty of ventilation throughout. While these are the first ever Nike SB Free silhouettes, we are hoping to see more in the future. The shoe will be dropping through the brand’s Nike SB app on December 24th before landing on the online store, and will hit select Nike retailers on Christmas Day. The brand also plans on launching more colorways on New Year’s Day. [Purchase]

Nike SB Free 2

Nike SB Free 3

Nike SB Free 4

Nike SB Free 5