Nike PG3 NASA Shoes

NBA All-Star Paul George of the Oklahoma City Thunder spends plenty of time rocketing toward the rim for some monster jams, so it makes sense that his new sneakers are inspired by space exploration. Stripped away of any unnecessary materials, Nike’s space-inspired PG3 NASA shoes are a pair of hardwood floor heroes.

These shoes have lighter, softer foam midsoles than the PG 2.5 and more responsiveness thanks to the forefoot ‘Zoom Bag’ technology. The PG3 basketball sneakers also utilize a circular traction pattern, allowing you to sprint with full force and stop on a dime. Dipped in NASA orange and blue, these shoes are sporting the classic NASA logo, the American flag, and George’s favorite quote: “Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon.” You can fly high with these kicks when they drop on January 26.

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