One Of The Oldest Pairs Of Handmade Nike Shoes Ever Are Currently Up For Sale

In most cases, if you’re spending some serious coin on a rare pair of Nikes, you’ll want those shoes to be as clean and fresh as possible. But there are exceptions to this rule, like this pair of ultra-rare Nike Moon Shoes that are currently for sale.

The Moon Shoes were a revolutionary leap toward Nike becoming the foremost name in the athletic footwear space. Designed by company founder Bill Bowerman in the 1960s, the shoes featured Bowerman’s waffle outsole, which greatly outperformed other athletic shoes of the day when it came to traction. They were nicknamed “Moon Shoes” because the footprints they left in dirt looked similar to the tracks left on the moon by astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin during the 1969 Apollo 11 mission. This specific pair of Moon Shoes belonged to Tom McChesney, who was a runner at South Eugene High School in Oregon. They were hand-cobbled by Geoff Hollister, one of Nike’s first employees, and this example is so early that it features no branding at all save for the hand-stitched swooshes on the sides. The Nike Moon Shoes are being sold through Sotheby’s, where they are priced at $100,000.

Purchase: $100,000