Nike’s Metcon 5 Sneaker Is Now Completely Customizable

Bespoke sneaker customization isn’t necessarily a new development, especially when it comes to interpretive takes on today’s most iconic silhouettes. And while the medium’s best designers don’t shy away from the creation of one-off variants, nothing beats a pair of personalized kicks that you’ve tailored to your own specific tastes. Thanks to Nike, sneakerheads everywhere are now able to create their own customized footwear — and with their recent induction of the Metcon 5, scoring a one-of-a-kind trainer has never been easier.

The prolific company has already devoted a vast majority of its catalog to its “Nike By You” program, which allows buyers to customize the brand’s most iconic shoes in a variety of ways. Until recently, modification of the Metcon 5 was limited to World Crossfit Champion Mat Fraser, who wore the shoe during his ascent toward the title of Fittest Man on Earth. Now, the brand has decided to release the shoe to their consumer base under the guise of complete customization, with everything from the tongue, text, sole, and upper, falling under the umbrella of bespoke additives. But, if you’re interested in grabbing a pair of these Crossfit-conscious trainers for only $150, you need to act fast — as of right now, they’ll only be available for 147 more days.

Purchase: $150