Nike Evolves The Soccer Cleat With A Dragonfly-Inspired Ultra-Thin Mercurial

Despite dating back almost a quarter of a century, Nike’s Mercurials soccer footwear range remains at the technological forefront on the pitch with this constantly evolving range of cutting-edge cleats. For the new year, the Northwestern activewear powerhouse has launched its latest iteration of the lineup with the Mercurial Vapor and Superfly Dragonfly.

Born out of an enormous research and development process that relied heavily on receiving user feedback from some of the world’s most elite footballers, the new Mercurial range focuses primarily on four key areas; fit; touch; traction; and style. This ultimately gave way to a new generation of shoe that Nike claims feels more like a natural extension of the foot, while also bolstering agility and direction changes, control at full sprint, and the loud, vibrant, and in-your-face aesthetics that the Mercurial product range is known for. Nike’s next evolutionary step in football footwear features the company’s new Vaporposite upper comprised of a high-grip gridded mesh exterior lined with an ultra-thin lining. The high-tech shoe’s increased responsiveness is owed to the Nike Aerotrak plate that lines the bottom of the new Mercurial offerings. The Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly and Dragonfly are scheduled for a release on February 1, 2021, though pricing has yet to be revealed.

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