Nike’s Mercurial Dream Speed 2 Was Built For Soccer’s Most Agile Players

Nike’s monolithic presence within the world of sports is symptomatic of its dominance. Since its birth, the brand has been committed to the creation of the industry’s finest footwear, garments, and training accessories, helping athletes to reach peak performance. Now, the company’s new soccer-focused Mercurial Dream Speed 2 looks to elaborate on its predecessor’s namesake, paying homage to the abilities of the sport’s most agile players.

Below the Mercurial Dream Speed 2’s eye-catching shades of cyan, violet, yellow, orange, red, green, and blue, lies symbolism. A mixture of colors and tones has been thoughtfully implemented to represent the various frequencies of light, as well as their corresponding speeds, while the brand’s lauded Swoosh has been outlined by the words “299,792,458 meters per second.” Many of you might recognize this as the speed of light — a fitting parallel to draw when speaking on soccer’s Sam Kerr, Kylian Mbappé and Cristiano Ronaldo. As the league’s fastest and most agile players, only they will adorn the new shoe, setting them apart from their peers as Nike’s chosen champions. Head to the company’s website for more information on the February 20 release.

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