Nike Maker’s Experience

Changing the color, text, or pattern on a pair of shoes with the click of the button is nothing new. Nike pioneered that customer experience way back in 2005 with their (still succesful) NikeID. Now, twelve years later the footwear giant is offering up that same basic idea – but in a completely different context. They’re calling it the Nike Maker’s Experience.

As Nike explains it, this concept will allow users to try on different shoe designs in real time thanks to the use of a ‘dynamic object tracking and projection system’. This technology projects patterns, text, and colors chosen by the customer onto the Presto X, a new laced or slip-on silhouette designed specifically for this project. All of this means that customers will literally be able to walk around in their design before they pull the trigger on purchasing a pair of customized shoes. And once they do, it only takes about 90 minutes for the sneakers to be made. Right now there is only one Maker Experience up and running in New York. Who knows though, we could be seeing these in shoe stores in the not too distant future.

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