Nike HyperAdapt Self-Lacing Shoe Concept

Nike created the HyperAdapt 1.0 shoes with power laces a couple of years ago, but they didn’t really look futuristic and paled in comparison to the design of the iconic Back to the Future II Air MAG sneakers. Well, Nike’s bringing their power-lace shoes back next year, but Carota Design has conjured up the amazing Nike HyperAdapt Self-Lacing Shoe concept for us to drool over until then.

The futuristic concept kicks have hardshell, armor-like components and a gloss finish for a very smooth Tony Stark vibe. The laces snake from the outsoles to the front end of the shoes and connect to motors at the heels. All you have to do to tighten the laces is tap the button on the back of each shoe for a snug fit. When you’re ready to slip them off, you just have to tap the buttons a second time. We’re not sure what Nike’s new self-lacing shoes will look like, but hopefully, they take a few pointers from this incredible concept.

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