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Slip Into Your Shoes Hands-Free With Nike’s Innovative GO FlyEase Sneaker

Although Nike is perhaps best known for its cutting-edge, performance-driven shoe design, the global sneaker giant also has its sights set on another important area of innovation: accessibility. And while easy-on FlyEase footwear has been a staple part of the brand’s lineup since 2015, the technology has yet to look anything quite like this.

Meet the GO FlyEase, Nike’s latest offering that was engineered to be worn entirely hands-free. The concept was inspired by the process that most people go through when taking off any given pair of sneakers — using one foot to step on the heel in order to quickly slide out of the shoe. However, unlike your crusty old kicks, these won’t be compromised by the convenience of doing so. That’s because they rely on a combination of what Nike calls its “kickstand heel” and “bi-stable hinge” — essentially some added midsole material that allows for smooth step-off and a built-in flex point that gives the shoe ‘open’ and ‘closed’ positions. Held together by a GO FlyEase tensioner, it makes for an offering that’s unprecedented in terms of its accessible operation. It drops for select Nike members starting February 15th, with a wider release expected sometime later this year.

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