Nike Fit Measures Your Feet With Exact Precision

The system the shoe industry utilizes to regulate shoe sizes is outdated, leading to three out of five people wearing the wrong shoe size. As a way to remedy this problem, the Nike Fit AR Foot Scanner was invented to provide you with precise measurements.

Measuring the length and width of your foot will not result in an accurate fit. Nike’s scanning solution utilizes computer vision, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and algorithms to measure the full shape of your feet so you can find your true size. By using your smartphone’s camera, Nike Fit will scan your feet and collect 13 data points to map out your feet in seconds for a hyper-accurate size. Your foot dimensions can be stored in your NikePlus member profile for online and in-store shopping for your convenience. And if you want to shop for family or friends, you can use guest mode to scan their feet. Nike Fit will be available on the Nike App starting this July.

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