Nike’s ACG-Inspired Canyon Is A Hiking Sandal For Fans Of Technical Streetwear

With sporty sandals and strapped, utilitarian offerings from the 80s and 90s making their way back into the outdoor rotation, it’s become clear that taking to the trail in a pair of comfortable, laid-back shoes might be the way to go this hiking season. And while a variety of footwear manufacturers have already capitalized on the trend, Nike’s newest ACG-inspired Canyon hiking variant is already making waves within the community.

The recently-announced Canyon Sandal is a technical offering that boasts an angular, sport-infused silhouette similar to the company’s athletically-inclined ACG offerings. It features a plush, dual-density foam midsole for unparalleled comfort while traversing hills, mountainsides, or low-lying areas, and calls upon a dependable triple-strap closure system to prevent it from shifting during use. There’s even an additional rubberized area on the shoe’s heel and toe, complementing its deep grooves and oversized lugs. Head to Nike’s website to pick up a pair of your own for $75.

Purchase: $75