Nike’s ‘Better Is Temporary’ Book Is A Exclusive Look Into Its Pioneering Ethos

There’s no doubt that Nike is among the world’s most prolific companies, boasting renown in both name and space. But its monolithic reputation didn’t materialize overnight. Instead, it came as a product of innovation, determination, philosophy, and commitment, emphasizing standards that had yet to be set within the realm of footwear.

The company’s newest book — published in association with Phaidon — is a study of the ethos behind the brand’s groundbreaking mindset. Dubbed “Better Is Temporary,” the archival read hones in on the pursuit of progress, documenting Nike’s journey alongside history’s most favored athletes. Calling upon words and insights from the industry’s foremost creatives, executives, and minds, Better Is Temporary outlines the company’s directive within five thematic chapters, focusing on “performance, brand expression, collaboration, inclusive design, and sustainability,” telling the story of human connection, and how it’s become the driving force behind each and every Nike product. To round things out, the book outlines the outfit’s plan for the future, taking things like circular manufacturing, waste reduction, and sustainability into account for a better tomorrow. Head to Phaidon’s website to pick up one of your own for $90.

Purchase: $90