The Air Zoom Infinity Tour Is Nike’s Most Innovative Golf Shoe To-Date

Nike has consistently set the bar for athletic equipment since its conception, and at the start of 2020, they’re showing no signs of fatigue. The company’s most recent endeavor focuses on the land of perfectly-trimmed grass and fortuitous fairways, calling upon one of golf’s most prominent personas, Brooks Koepka, to create shoe through unparalleled performance and expertise.

To push the boundaries of human potential, the brand has announced an all-new footwear silhouette — the Air Zoom Infinity Tour — for use by the sport’s leading connoisseurs. For many professional golfers, the crux of their performance is their stance, providing a perfect foundation for the transfer of kinetic energy. Using data from pressure maps, Nike has crafted a shoe to leverage natural movement, and promote a holistic approach toward cutting-edge comfort and design. The company’s Nike Zoom Stroble technology, which was originally built for the hardwood, has been implemented alongside its soccer-savvy, weather-resistant Flyknit upper and running-ready REACT foam for enhanced cushioning and energy return while on the fairway. A reduction in foot movement and a measured enhancement in grip and energy retention has led the company to claim that the Zoom Infinity Tour is its most innovative, and well-performing golf shoe to-date.

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