Nike’s Iconic Air Force 1 Sneakers Get GORE-TEX & Ballistic Nylon Upgrades

Named after the President’s well-equipped and opulent airplane, the Air Force 1 is a fashion staple in the world of basketball and beyond. It’s been through a variety of updates, but this latest might be its best one yet. The Nike Air Force 1 GORE-TEX shoes provide you with a stylish cold-weather option, so you can sport the retro kicks during the winter.

Now you don’t have to worry about water getting into your Air Force 1 sneakers, as the GORE-TEX material has pores that are about 1/20,000 the size of a droplet of water, which means they’re too tiny for liquid water to pass through. You can get your hands on the high-top or low version, depending on your ankle support preference. The high-top model has a zippered bootie, giving it a more technical aesthetic than the original and provides you with more styling options. Things get kicked up a notch with the low version, as they’re layered with ballistic nylon and full-grain leather. There’s no word on pricing yet, but both models should drop this fall.

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