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Nike Adds A High-Tech Lacing System To This Futuristic Sneaker

If there’s one thing Nike is good at, it’s the adaptation of its classic, genre-defining styles into modern-day offerings. The newly announced, and aptly named, Adapt Huarache sneaker is a testament to the company’s progressive mindset, reinvigorating one of the most iconic footwear silhouettes of the past two decades with a less-than-subtle lacing structure.

Upon the Huarache’s release all the way back in 1991, the sneaker served to ignite the market with its futuristic architecture, radical contours, and technical fabrics. At the time, the shoe was insanely well-received; and, as a cutting-edge offering from one of the world’s most refined brands, it was an instant hit among buyers, ushering in a new era for customizable sneakers. Now, Nike is looking to relive the glory days of the Huarache through the implementation of FitAdapt technology, helping the shoe to transition and evolve based on wearer preference. Subtle changes to the sneaker’s exterior come courtesy of loosely-adapted minimalist and aquatic characteristics, but the real star of the show is the Huarache’s tailored lacing system, which has been paired with the company’s Adapt app to bring preset fit recommendations to the user based on foot type and activity. Better yet, the app can be accessed on the fly via both Apple Watch and Siri, making it an intuitive inclusion welcomed by Nike’s athletic following. The Adapt Huarache is slated for release on September 13.

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