Nike Adapt BB Shoes

Back in 2016, Nike released its first self-lacing shoes dubbed the Nike HyperAdapt with E.A.R.L. (Electric Adaptable Reaction Lacing) built with the ability to adapt to the shape of your foot in real time. The American athletic shoe titan continues to tear away from its competition, taking their self-lacing technology and concocting an advanced basketball shoe crowned the Nike Adapt BB.

While putting your opponent in check, planting yourself to set a pick, or revving your engine to pierce down the lane, your feet can expand significantly. In order to address the changing shape of your feet during game time, the self-lacing Nike Adapt BB basketball sneakers utilize a custom motor and gear train to sense the tension required to keep your feet secure. With the tensile strength of the lacing, the shoes can pull with 32 lbs of force to secure your soles in a variety of movements on the hardwood floor. Through the Nike Adapt app or manually on the shoe, you can input various shoe fit settings for different moments of the game with the ‘FitAdapt’ technology. The Nike Adapt BB shoes will be tested by NBA players prior to their February 17 release.

Purchase: $350