Night Cable by Native Union

Dec 5, 2014

Category: Tech

It’s true, sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. Like the one time we realized the gum wrapper and not our hair was the best place to leave a freshly chewed piece. Simple. Smart. Effective.

The Night Cable adheres to that same philosophy, as it seeks to solve the issue of the charging cord always falling off the desk or bed or nightstand. How does it accomplish this? A simple weighted knot that can be anchored to any flat surface. Yeah yeah, we know, knots and cords usually go together like um, gum and hair, but this time it makes sense. You also get a whopping three meters (9.8 feet) of flexible range to work with, so you can comfortably stretch out with your tech. [Purchase]

Night Cable by Native Union 2

Night Cable by Native Union 3

Night Cable by Native Union 4

Night Cable by Native Union 5

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