NiceTrails 3D Mountain Trophies

Feb 20, 2017

Category: Living

Let’s face it. When it comes to documenting a hike, run, or cycling excursion, things don’t always work out in your favor. Photos can’t depict the journey in its entirety and stories only get so much credit from your friends. Luckily, now there’s a way for you to document each and every hike with these display-sized mementos from NiceTrails.

Each trophy is printed in full color and comprised of sandstone which results in a hollowed-out mini tribute that turns each trek into a timeless trophy. Simply track your hike with a GPS or smartphone, upload your journey to their website, and they will create a 3D visualization of your track. Shipping times typically take about two weeks. And the best part is that you don’t need to climb Mt. Everest in order to receive a display-worthy trophy. NiceTrails can render any hike, cycling trails, or even car routes. Prices start at $105. [Purchase]

Nice Trails 3D Mountain Mementos 2

Nice Trails 3D Mountain Mementos 9

NiceTrails 3D Mountain Trophies 6

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