NEZUMI & RUF Join On A Chronograph Watch For Classic Racing Enthusiasts

Watches can be much more than just tools that tell time. They speak to the merits, passions, and tastes of those who wear them. And they also help tie the past to the present, especially in regards to their styling and inspiration. Take, for example, the Nezumi x RUF Voiture Chronograph, which combines Swedish watchmaking excellence with nearly a century of automotive craftsmanship.

Inspired directly by Estonia and Alois Ruf and designed by David Campo — founder and creative director of both Nezumi Studios and Roughneck Brigade, a classic Porsche club — the timepiece is dripping with auto-inspired styling. That includes a RUF green chronograph dial, a steel case with a tachymeter bezel, and a racing-styled perforated fine leather band. Other details include a specially-designed RUF caseback, anti-reflective double-domed sapphire crystal, custom colored Swiss C1 luminova markings for easy reading in any lighting conditions, and — most importantly — a mecha-quartz hybrid movement by Seiko. Limited to just 200 examples, you can sign up on Nezumi’s site for more information on the impending release and availability.

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