Nexx X60 Cork Helmet

When choosing materials for a motorcycle helmet, cork would seem to be right below yoga mats and right above Styrofoam. Like, could something that keeps wine fresh also keep your dome dent-free? Apparently, yes. The X60 Cork helmet from Nexx somehow pulls it off, and will keep heads turning even after you get off your bike.

Made of impact-resistant, ultra-modern thermoplastic, this DOT-rated this skull-saver also combines a real cork finish over the shell. There’s also a plush, anti-sweat, anti-allergy, removable and washable inner lining. Other highlights include a Micro-Metric buckle and PC Lexan visor shield. The styling is on-point, and come on, any helmet that can double as a bulletin board is alright with us. [Purchase]

Nexx X60 Cork Helmet 2

Nexx X60 Cork Helmet 3