This Neural Device Lets You Control Your VR Headset With Your Mind

In case it isn’t abundantly clear already, it looks like virtual reality technology is here to stay and will likely continue to be integrated into the world around us. However, one of the big issues with most VR headsets is that they still necessitate sometimes-clunky physical controllers to operate them. However, the folks at NextMind are working on changing that with a small, discreet, mind-control device.

Called simply the NextMind Dev Kit, this device is still in its development stages, but the technology is both astounding and impressive. You see, this tiny device works in conjunction with existing VR systems, attaching to existing straps at the back of users’ headgear and adding very little weight to the existing VR headset. And while it’s completely non-invasive, it still has a slew of highly-sensitive dry electrode sensors that read your brain activity and, using artificial intelligence, translates them into digital commands within the VR world. And while that would be impressive for any period of time, it’s boosted by the fact that the device has a lengthy 10-hour battery life per charge. If you’re interested in this game-changing tech, you can sign-up on the waitlist to get early access to the $399 device.

Purchase: $399