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This WFH Health-Focused AI Standing Desk Tells You When To Sit & Stand

It’s becoming clearer by the day that sitting all day is horrible for your health. As a result, many people are choosing standing desks for their workspaces. But standing all day isn’t great for you either. So what are we supposed to do? NextErgo may have found a solution with its AI-powered smart standing desk that tells you when to stand and when to sit, and adjusts itself accordingly.

The NextErgo Smart Standing Desk makes use of presence-detection sensors and artificial intelligence to figure out whether your standing or sitting, and its integrated Google Assistant voice control and 8-inch touchscreen control center give you additional say over your work experience. The NextErgo desk can also calculate your BMI and offer you reminders throughout the day with suggestions for healthy food, guided breathing, and step-by-step desk exercises. Everything is then compiled into usage reports, giving you a view of your workday and offering insight on how you can make it healthier. The NextErgo Smart Standing Desk is available to preorder now, with the basic model — with no top or touchscreen — priced at $599 and the specs-laden premium model going for $1,099.

Purchase: $599+