Nexo And Ever Flat Free Bike Tires

Getting a flat tire is rarely the end of the world, but it can sometimes feel like it. Run over just one pin, piece of glass, or hit a pothole the wrong way and suddenly your day just got a lot more frustrating. Flat free bicycle tires like Nexo and Ever Tires, however, are looking to make that scenario a lot less likely.

After thousands of hours of research, trial, and error – a small group of friends based out of Utah have come up with two types of flat free bike tires they’re calling Nexo, and Ever Tires. The latter is meant for your typical bike rider. Made up of a special patented polymer blend that keeps the tire durable and comfortable to ride, these lightweight and tough tires are good to go for up to 5,000 miles. To top it off, thanks to their wide range of sizes (12 to 25 inches), you can throw them on bikes both big and small so your whole family can go on rides without a worry. If you are a more serious rider, however, there is Nexo. Meant for the more dedicated, high mileage cyclist, it is made from a macromolecular material filled with N2, a stable gas that keeps the tire lightweight without compromising on flat-proofing. Each tire weighs just 710 grams – nearly half the weight of other flat proof tires on the market and they preform flawlessly. Say goodbye to flats and hello to hundreds of hours of uninterrupted riding. Prices start at $75. [Purchase]

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Nexo And Ever Tires