Nike Taps Newlight’s Ocean-Based Biomaterials To Help Cut Down On CO2

Photo: Newlight Technologies

Amongst the larger global shoe manufacturers, Nike is one brand that’s leading the charge in the fight against climate change. Between outfitting its kicks with recycled Grind soles and eliminating plastics from its packaging altogether, the Big Swoosh has already demonstrated that it means business when comes to its ‘Move to Zero’ carbon and waste initiative.

Now, however, Nike has decided to take a page from its own book and “Just Do It” by teaming up with leading biomaterial company Newlight Technologies. In practice, this means that the two will begin working together to explore the use of AirCarbon in the former’s products. Generated as a byproduct of ocean-based microorganisms, AirCarbon (AKA polyhydroxybutyrate) is a carbon-negative material comprised of 40% oxygen and 60% carbon. And here’s the thing: it’s already being applied as a substitute for plastic and leather — within everything from eyewear to wallets — so it makes for a logical partnership for the Big Swoosh to pursue. In fact, when you consider that “materials account for 70% of Nike’s total carbon footprint,” AirCarbon could very well be what the Move to Zero campaign needs. You can learn more about Newlight at the link below.

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