Pixii Updates its Rangefinder Camera with 2.5x Resolution & Interactive AR

Back in 2018, a French startup by the name of Pixii debuted a digital rangefinder camera aimed at challenging Leica. Built with an M-mount lens format, a sleek aluminum body, and a crisp 12MP image sensor, it made for an undeniably attractive first attempt. Not one to settle, however, Pixii has since redoubled its efforts and launched an updated camera that promises markedly better performance.

For starters, the New Pixii Camera boasts much more robust imaging capabilities, as the updated 26MP backside-illuminated APS-C sensor offers over double the resolution of its predecessor. In practice, this means that it shoots with far less noise in the picture whilst also adding more dynamic range than ever before. And that’s not all; the upgrade also translates to a broader ISO range, with the new camera now supporting ISO 160 all the way up to ISO 12,800. Of course, the added potential would be of little value without the means to use it, so Pixii has improved the user interface as well. In the viewfinder, for instance, the camera provides photographers with an interactive display for changing settings on the fly. The storage, too, comes significantly expanded, now standard with 8GB but capable of supporting as much as 16x that amount.

Rounded out by some added USB-C connectivity and GPR support, the result is a camera that’s perfect for old-school shooters wanting 21st-century tech. You’ll be able to pre-order it on September 30th starting at $2,999.

Purchase: $2,999+