New Balance RunIQ Smartwatch

Just a few years ago smart watches were the wave of the future. Now? They feel dime-a-dozen. Every watch maker or athletic brand seems to have one – which only makes it that much more impressive that New Balance has managed to really stand out with their RunIQ watch.

In our minds, what sets this thing apart is the fact that it can operate untethered – away from your phone – and that it comes with Strava pre-installed on the watch. That means when you go out for your trail, track, or road run – you can just completely ditch that brick you carry around with you all day and focus on what counts – your laps, speed, distance, pace, cadence, and heart rate – all while listening to music. When you come back from your spin around the trails, the watch automatically syncs with Strava, allowing you to see a map of your run and the elevation you climbed. All of this combined with a 25 hour battery life and a sleek design makes it an easy addition to anyone’s running routine. Prices set at $300. [Purchase]