New Balance C-Series 600 Cycling Sneaker

Looking for the perfect shoe to wear during your 2-wheeled commutes through the urban jungle? Then you’ve come to the right place. New Balance debuts their C-Series 600, a sneaker made specifically for urban cycling.

The shoes were created as a collaboration with the Boston born brand and Tokyobike, and were designed by designer manager Shugo Moritani in his Tokyo-based studio. And these kicks are not only functional, they’re good looking too. Each low top sneaker sports slip-on construction, and a perforated synthetic upper with reflective neoprene used throughout, increasing your visibility after the sun goes down. The cork footbeds absorb moisture, but our favorite part is the the hidden pocket located in the tongue. Simply slide your laces into this pouch, and never again do you have to worry about your shoe laces being eaten up by your bike gears. The shoes are available in four different colorways, all of which retail for $120. [Purchase]

New Balance C-Series 600 Cycling Sneaker 2

New Balance C-Series 600 Cycling Sneaker 3