43einhalb Honors Steve Jobs With The New Balance ‘One More Thing’ Sneaker

New Balance has more than its fair share of staple sneaker offerings, but the 992 (and other 99x models, for that matter) are a special breed. As the story goes, they were a favorite of the late Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs, who was said to have had a hand in the creation of the timeless model. Now, 43einhalb is paying homage to the father of tech with the ‘One More Thing’ New Balance 992 sneaker.

Worn alongside his traditional wardrobe of stone-washed jeans, rounded glasses, and a trademark black turtleneck, the grey 992 remembers one of the computer industry’s most iconic individuals, highlighting the conceptual shoe that he had proposed to New Balance prior to the creation of the original. According to New Balance chairman, Jim Davis, Jobs voiced his intention to find a sneaker that he could wear as an alternative to his simplistic leather variants and approached the company with a rough sketch of what he believed the shoe should look like. This served as a basis for the iconoclastic 99x line, which would become one of the mogul’s favored style staples. Although the rerelease of the legendary 992 was met with excessive praise and has sold out in virtually every retail location, 43einhalb’s special ‘One More Thing’ sneaker is slated for sale via the company’s website in the coming weeks, clocking in at a price of $175.

Purchase: $175