Neuron EV’s T.One Is A Highly-Modular Electric Pickup From The Future

As the so-called “Electric Revolution” marches on, more and more segments from the automotive world are tapping into the rapidly-evolving technology, including the truck and SUV sectors. And, while the release of Tesla’s uber-contentious Cybertruck recently garnered an enormous amount of media attention, Neuron EV, a lesser-known California-based EV purveyor, has now revealed its own take on a proton-powered pickup with its versatile new T.One.

Specializing in utility-focused electric vehicles, the startup has built the T.One around what it calls the Map-Modular Platform — a multifaceted base engineered to accommodate a handful of different vehicle types, ranging from a van to a tractor, to a standard pickup. The T.One’s gorgeous interior is just as modular as the platform it’s built on, with the cabin providing a number of different seat setup options including a traditional four-seater arrangement, a six-passenger configuration, or a dual rear-seat setup with a McLaren F1/720S-style centered seat. And, while the nature of the T.One’s electric powertrain almost certainly means the E-truck offers gobs of torque, Neuron EV has opted not to reveal power specs, arguing the metric to determine the vehicle’s performance should be real-world usability rather than ridiculous (and illegal) top speeds. The Neuron EV T.One has yet to enter production, though the Los Angeles outfit is currently taking reservations.

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