LA’s Historic & Cinematic Bradbury Building Can Now Be Your Office

Built in 1893 and appearing in a number of noteworthy films — including 1982’s sci-fi masterpiece, Blade Runner — Los Angeles’ Bradbury Building is about as iconic as California architecture gets. And now a new chapter has been opened in the National Landmark’s story, as the folks at NeueHouse have turned this legendary edifice into a coworking space.

Surrounding the building’s legendary skylit atrium, the available spaces take up the entirety of the Bradbury’s second floor — a whopping 25,000 square feet in total. And while the primary feature is a number of workspaces ranging from a shared gallery to large private studios, NeueHouse’s project also includes a wealth of other amenities — like meeting rooms, a wellness room, complimentary coffee, a bar, a space for art exhibitions, private phone booths, and more. If you want to get in the door of this legendary architectural wonder and turn it into your office, prices range from just $234 ($2,800 a year paid up-front) up to $3,600 per month, depending on the space you choose.

Purchase: $234+