Your Next Home Could Be the Futuristic, Tech-Filled Nestron Cube Two X

Dating back to at least the 1950s, we’ve been teased with the idea of homes of the future that feature sleek functional styling and are filled with modern furniture and smart home technology. From Disneyland’s classic “Monsanto House of the Future” to the Jetsons’ Skypad Apartments, these types of homes have long languished in the worlds of fiction and fantasy, never to see any real-world use. But prefab home-builder Nestron is looking to make these visions of the future a reality with its latest model, the Cube Two X.

The Nestron Cube Two X is a new tiny home model that looks like it could serve as the living quarters on a Space X space station with its sleek black and white rectangular design. Taking a page from mid-century modern architecture, the Cube Two X incorporates built-in furniture that makes for a functional and space-saving layout. A double-leaf door leads into the home, while floating shelves provide plenty of storage within. Expansive windows bring lots of natural light and give an open concept feel, while the sizable kitchen has room for both a double-door refrigerator and a standard-size washing machine. The bathroom is divided into wet and dry areas, helping to keep mold away and making for a more orderly space. There’s also a range of advanced tech that can be incorporated into the home, including a smart mirror, smart toilet, invisible induction cooktop, dining room wall-mounted smart tablet, and an automatic sliding door. Motion-activated lights in the wardrobe, cabinets, and under the bed are standard.

The Cube Two X prefabricated tiny home is available in either a one-bedroom or two-bedroom layout, with both offering 377 sq. ft. of living space. The homes are available to pre-order now from Nestor with worldwide delivery and pricing that starts at $98,000.

Purchase: $98,000+

Photo: Nestron
Photo: Nestron