Nesmuk Janus Folding Knife

Most knives are designed to look and feel rugged – like something that you could carry out with you into the woods or out on deployment. The Janus folding knife from Nesmuk, however, looks like something a Bond villain would play around with while wearing a tux and smoking a cigar.

The knife features no seams or exposed screws, just a dark, sleek black 3.3 inch 58 HRC blade with a special matte DLC coating that helps improve cutting thanks to lower friction. For when you aren’t slicing stuff up, you can fold the stainless steel blade into the molded piano lacquer handle made with a varnish specially developed for the Solingen based Germany. You can get this knife in the above black, or a hammered silver, blue, or orange, or white. Prices start at $770. [Purchase]