Hunt Backyard Bounties With NERF’s ‘The Mandalorian’ Replica Blaster Rifle

Disney’s The Mandalorian has been an unmitigated home run of a television series, uniting Star Wars fans old and new. And, like its original source material from the ’70s and ’80s, it’s loaded with iconic sci-fi costumes, vehicles, planets, and weapons. Now, one of those weapons — specifically Din Djarin’s signature Amban Phase-Pulse Blaster — has been recreated as a foam dart-firing NERF gun.

Measuring up at a whopping 50.25″ in length, this is the longest NERF gun ever made. But, record-setting size numbers apart, there’s a lot more this pseudo-rifle has to offer. For starters, the addition of a trio of AAA batteries will give users access to series-accurate sounds and an illuminated scope. It also features a pop-up breach loader, just like its on-screen counterpart. On sale now, this Star Wars x NERF replica will set you back $120 — that’s USD, not Republic or Imperial Credits.

Purchase: $120