Nerf Rival Blaster Atlas XVI-1200

Time for a game-changer in office warfare. As a response to high demand for the fully-automatic KHAOS MXVI-4000 by Nerf, your friendly foam-based warfare brand, is now releasing a pump action blaster that fires two 70 MPH rounds with every pump. The ATLAS XVI-1200 comes with a 12 round magazine, and 24 of the Rival foam balls since the double barrel depletes your ammo twice as quickly. Though obviously more manual than the automatic, the ATLAS XVI-1200 makes up for this perceived shortcoming with an extended battery life, which isn’t all that bad considering this beast requires six D-sized batteries to be fully operational.

Now those boring afternoons at the office may become a bit more entertaining. Plus, maybe you’ll even gain some street cred with this bad blaster in your collection. They’re available now in both red and blue and priced at around $40. [Purchase]