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Prep For ‘Halo Infinite’ With NERF’s Master Chief-Approved Blasters

One of the most successful and lauded FPS video game franchises of all time, Halo has no shortage of killer iconography. From the Master Chief’s Spartan armor to the curvy otherworldly ships of the Covenant. But, for those who played the games, there’s one category of gear that stands out amongst it all: the weapons. And now 343 Industries has teamed up with Hasbro on a trio of Halo NERF Blasters.

The big hit of the collection will almost certainly be the semi-automatic MA40 Assault Rifle, which has been motorized, includes a 10-dart clip, and can fire off all 10 ELITE darts in quick succession. Following that, the brands have also unveiled a single-shot pistol, based on the series’ M41 SPNKr rocket launcher, and — the sleeper hit of the collection — the Covenant’s Needler. What’s even cooler is that, if you purchase any of the blasters, you’ll also gain access to exclusive in-game content for the upcoming Halo Infinite game. Pricing is set at $50 for the Assault Rifle and $10 for each of the single-shot blasters.

Purchase: $10+