Nerf Double-Dealer Doomlands Blaster

Normally, when Nerf goes for a toy gun that can throw out a lot of ammo, they make it too big and cumbersome for use with guerilla tactics or modular combat. That error is now in the past. In the case of their new Doomlands Blaster, you’re getting two dart throwing guns that just happen to share a body. It offers up two barrels and two banana clips, all attached to a single trigger for dealing damage with a quickness.

The crossbow build has a distinctly Daryl Dixon vibe, with it’s broad shoulder stock, but with the slam-fire option, you’ll get much more than a single shot should you need to handle a bevy of attackers in short order. Like many of Nerf’s Doomland weapons, the firing mechanism is clearly visible for making easy repairs or learning the inner workings of the machine. Expect this thing to hit retail shelves this fall (just in time for the holidays), with a $40 price tag. [Via]