Indestructible Steel Pizza Stone

Not everyone has the space in their back yard (or the duckets) to buy a wood fired pizza oven. But that doesn’t mean you have to live without that homemade pizza oven taste when you cook up a pie. Introducing the Steel Stone Baking Surface.

Different than your common pizza stone, this half-inch thick piece of solid steel is nearly twenty times more conductive than ceramic baking stones. That means when you throw your pie in the oven on top of this stone, the crust will get an even crispy cooked texture to it that you can really only find in pizza parlors. To top it all off, this solid piece of steel cut right here in the U.S. has a lifetime warrantee. That isn’t because the folks at NerdChef think it’ll break. Quite the opposite. They’re just trying to underline the fact that it won’t. The thing is nearly as indestructible as your appetite for quality made Italian meals.

Purchase: $100