Neit Collapsible Smart Luggage

A couple of designers may have engineered the perfect luggage system by combining durability, strength, and storability. Big bags are great for big trips, but they can take up a lot of space once you’re back home. Many people use duffle bags instead of suitcases because of this, but they’re not always the best at protecting your valuable items. The Neit suitcase combines the best of both of those worlds.

Their hard-cased Neit collapsable luggage can get all of your belongings from point A to B safely, and then fold down for storage once you are done using it. Not only is the suitcase easy to store, it comes with four wheels, water-proof zippers and GPS so you can locate it on your smartphone. The GPS service is just one part of what the accompanying app features. The Neit team also plans to integrate services to book your flights, navigate your way around foreign cities with GPS, and book hotels. You can lay claim to one of these suitcases for $212. [Purchase]

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