Neematic FR/1 Electric Dirt Bike

Mention the term E-bike to die-hard petrol heads and you’re bound to catch some strange looks. It’s been a difficult go for fans of the internal combustion engine as of late thanks to a slew of electric vehicles and motorcycles making their way onto the scene. And while everyone is indeed entitled to their opinion, we feel this release from Neematic will help electric bike fans and petrol heads find some much needed common ground. At least that’s the goal.

Dubbed the FR/1 this release is more of a cross between a rugged mountain bike and a dirt bike. It comes equipped with a 2.2 kWh lithium-ion battery that powers the 20 kW peak power brushless motor to speeds of up to 62 mph. On a full charge, riders can enjoy a range of up to 60 miles and with a heavy-duty off-road suspension and mid-drive aluminum frame, it’s meant to tear up the off-road trails with ease. Additional features include Fox 2017 shocks, DMR pedals, a Pinion drive and Hope tech3 V4 brakes. No word on pricing just yet. Production is slated to begin in 2017.

Neematic FR:1 E-Bike 3

Neematic FR:1 E-Bike 4

Neematic FR:1 E-Bike 2