Nebula Capsule II Pocket Cinema Projector

The original Nebula Capsule was an innovative smart device that allowed users to project their favorite media, television, and movies onto any surface — but like any flagship, it left room for improvement. The Nebula Capsule II, a portable projector set to remedy any ailments that may have plagued its predecessor, looks extremely promising to say the least.

Perhaps the biggest change from the Nebula I to the Nebula II is the resolution — the original only displayed an 854×480 image, forcing users to downscale their high-definition entertainment. The Nebula II promises a true 720p HD experience and should sit comfortably within the 1280×720 range, which is perfect for high-fidelity viewing. The projection is also 2x brighter than the original, measuring in at a whopping 200 lumens, and touts a three-hour battery life (which Nebula has promised to improve over the course of its development). It features an HDMI port, Bluetooth and WiFi compatibility, and a generous upgrade that allows Android TV and Google Assistant connectivity — perfect for the modern day streamer.

Kickstarter: $399+