Nax 4.0 Survival Multi-Tool

Combining numerous tools into one is something we can always get behind, which is why we’re able to appreciate the Nax 4.0, a multi-tool designed for the forest/jungle.

In fact, it’s designed in collaboration with survival gear aficionados, special forces soldiers, and preppers. The tool combines a kukri knife, machete, a digger, and a hatchet into one tool that’s easy to carry and use. The tool has a 7.75 inch blade, and it totals 24 inches in length. It has a professionally grounded edge, and it’s machined form 4130 chromoly steel that’s heat-treated to +48 HRC hardness. It can also function as a bottle opener, a pry, and it has a built-in gas shut-off wrench. The handle is wrapped in 550 paracord, which allows users to get a grip regardless of what they’re doing. The multi-tool is available now for $149. [Purchase]