Nautilus Underwater Power Drill

Underwater construction is challenging for even the best in the business, mainly because of water pressure and dust dispersion that greatly reduce visibility, in addition to underwater tools operating via compressed air that requires an air line and restricts movement . With that in mind, designers Alexander Kaula and Andreas Schmidt birthed the concept of the Nautilus Power Drill, which works efficiently for your underwater construction needs.

This trusty power tool is cordless, as it is powered by induction coils that are molded into the waterproof housing and powered by AA batteries, giving you more freedom of motion. To take care of the visibility issue, since particles dispersed by the drill will cloud your vision underwater, this power drill has an aluminum bronze impeller that works alongside cooling fins that are mounted on the rear, working together to do two things: cool the motor block and draw water from the front to pull dust and other particles away to clear your view. In order to counteract water pressure at depths of up to 50 meters, the inner shell of the engine block is given increased air pressure. This design is still in the prototype phase, but we’re definitely eager to hear about when it will hit the market.

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