Nautilus Houseboats

Jan 25, 2018

Category: Living

Nautilus Houseboats flip the typical houseboat design into something entirely new-looking, built for a modern lifestyle.

The original appeal of living on a houseboat was so that people could escape the conventional society so that they weren’t trapped in their urban dwellings. But houseboats have grown in popularity over the years, evolving from simple hideouts to floating modern houses. Nautilus is helping to push the modern houseboat into the mainstream by offering 4 distinct models that will allow buyers to find the perfect one to meet their needs and family size. Each boat comes with a full deck, ample space, beautiful wooden floors, and a top deck that’s perfect for sunbathing. Some of the boats even include a sauna. Pricing information is available upon request. [Purchase]

Nautilus Houseboats 2

Nautilus Houseboats 3

Nautilus Houseboats 4

Nautilus Houseboats 5

Nautilus Houseboats 6

Nautilus Houseboats 7

Nautilus Houseboats 8

Nautilus Houseboats 9

Nautilus Houseboats 10

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