Native Union Apple Watch DOCK

If there’s one thing we have to say about the Apple Watch it’s that it certainly has a beautiful design. Regardless of how useful it is or isn’t, the Apple Watch sure is nice to look at. For this reason, the fine folks at Native Union have created a minimalistic charging dock for the Apple Watch, simply called DOCK.

DOCK for Apple Watch combines graphite silicone and aircraft grade aluminium to highlight the Apple Watch’s design, while using magnets to hold the watch in place, so you don’t have to worry about the watch being buckled or unbuckled. DOCK also has an adjustable angle so that users can easily find a comfortable view while viewing their Apple Watch. It’s also handy that the DOCK has a reversible design so that users can position their watch on whatever side of your workstation is more convenient. DOCK is compatible with all Apple Watches. The Native Union Apple Watch DOCK will begin shipping in August 2015, and will only cost $59.99 at launch, or $49.99 if you pre-order now. [Purchase]

Native Union Apple Watch DOCK 2

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Native Union Apple Watch DOCK 4

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