Nat Geo & Element Call For Conservation With The ‘Future Nature’ Collection

The preservation of Earth is a topic that has garnered tons of attention within the past few years, and National Geographic, one of humanity’s biggest proponents for sustainable change, have taken it upon themselves to spread the message of conservation. Now, the company has teamed up with the prolific skate brand, Element, for yet another intriguing garment collection full of staples, decks, and iconic imagery surrounding our beloved planet.

The National Geographic x Element “Future Nature” Collection was crafted to illustrate the importance of our surrounding ecosystems. Adorned with the verbiage, “We are all in this together, made of the same matter. A harmony of infinite variation for all known living beings. There is only one world. We must handle with care. We are here. Make it count. Our Future is Nature,” the profound capsule exhibits wondrous macro photography of Earth, Mars, several different animal species, and foliage. Nat Geo’s exemplary imagery can be found on a series of t-shirts, hoodies, skate peripherals, and long-sleeves, gifting buyers with a colorful but bold selection of items that start as low as $12. And the best part? A portion of the proceeds will benefit the genres of science, exploration, and conservation, thanks to donations made to the National Geographic Foundation. Head to Element’s website to learn more.

Purchase: $12+