National Geographic Steps Into Functional Fashion With The ‘Urban Tech’ Capsule

National Geographic is one of the world’s most renowned proponents for sustainability and cultural education, and for more than 130 years, the brand has reported on humanity’s most notable moments, endeavors, and achievements. Last year, it took a step into the realm of fashion for the first time, collaborating with various cutting-edge companies to create its first one-off garments — and now, its recently-revealed “Urban Tech” capsule seeks to steal the throne from menswear’s technical frontrunners.

In association with Hong Kong’s Corem, a versatile team of creative individuals under the umbrella of Omnibrand Group, National Geographic has announced a handful of additions to its fashionable clothing line, including the likes of the Pack Tech jacket, Re-Developed jacket, and Hooded Field Jacket; all of which boast the company’s recognizable, but subtle design principles. To remain in-line with Nat Geo’s ethical approach, sustainable manufacturing practices and textiles dominate the collection, calling upon recycled plastic PET bottle lining, reduced garment-dyeing, and the implementation of “sustainable cotton” to keep production as sound as possible. Aside from the capsule’s standout outerwear, a selection of sweaters, t-shirts, vests, and pants will also make their debut. Keep your eyes peeled for a release via Corem in the coming weeks, as well as a widespread, multinational debut at a later date.

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